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Our Brand Story

Bahrain makes a trip more personal

It is a place that you don't just visit, you feel

The Bahrain experience is delivered by its people

Bahrain is authentic, hospitable, modern and boutique


Brand Objectives

Support the investment in tourism infrastructure

Protect and increase tourist arrivals (KSA and regionally)

Launch Bahrain Tourism internationally

Unify Bahrain’s tourism and hospitality sector under a single proposition

Increase tourism FDI


Target Audiences

GCC Nationals
(in particular from KSA and Kuwait)

GCC Expats

Event organisers
(GCC and beyond)

Travel trade

China and India

Other International markets
(Russia, Europe, US)

Media and Influencers



The Brand Design

Has a personal touch as if it flows from a human hand

Combines the modern sophistication of Bahrain, with its warmth and welcome

Conveys the relaxed and effortless atmosphere of Bahrain

Resonates and creates a feeling of connection



Brand Design Guideline Click Here