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Bahrain Ours Yours

Our Brand Story

  • Bahrain makes a trip more personal
  • It is a place that you don't just visit, you feel it
  • The Bahrain experience is delivered by its people
  • Bahrain is authentic, hospitable, and modern

Brand Objectives

  • Support the investment in tourism infrastructure
  • Protect and increase tourist arrivals (KSA and regionally)
  • Launch Bahrain Tourism internationally
  • Unify Bahrain’s tourism and hospitality sector under a single proposition
  • Increase tourism FDI

Target Audiences

  • GCC Nationals
    (in particular from KSA and Kuwait)
  • GCC Expats
  • Event organisers
    (GCC and beyond)
  • Travel trade
  • China and India
  • Other International markets
    (Russia, Europe, US)
  • Media and Influencers
  • Bahrainis

The Brand Design

  • Has a personal touch as if it flows from a human hand
  • Combines the modern sophistication of Bahrain, with its warmth and welcome
  • Conveys the relaxed and effeortless atmosphere of Bahrain 
  • Resonates and creates a feeling of connection 

Brand Design Guideline Click Here