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BTEA fully prepared to receive inflow of visitors in the coming period
13 May, 2021

Bahrain Tourism and Exhibitions Authority (BTEA) confirmed that all preparations are finalized with the Kingdoms tourism facilities to receive the inflow of visitors in the coming period while taking the necessary precautionary measures to mitigate the spread of COVID-19 and resume economic and tourism activity.

BTEA stated that it has prepared several initiatives and projects aimed at promoting family tourism, as Bahrain is an ideal tourist destination for the GCC families to spend holidays, due to the presence of many tourists and entertainment attractions.

The authority affirmed that it expects an increase in the inflow of visitors soon from the various entry points to Bahrain, especially through King Fahd Causeway after raising the level of government health coordination between the various GCC countries to adopt vaccination and recovery certificates to ensure the entry of visitors smoothly.

BTEA pointed out that it launched a campaign through social media platforms targeting visitors from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The campaign focuses on digital marketing through the BTEA account on Instagram and Twitter (tourismbh)  to showcase all tourism activities in addition to the new tourism facilities in Bahrain that were finalized  during 2020.

BTEA stated that the COVID-19 pandemic affected the flow of tourists from GCC countries especially from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. The authority prepared symbolic welcome events by illuminating the control tower on the King Fahd Causeway in addition to some major buildings in several streets of the Kingdom in red and green colors, with the campaign slogan displayed on billboards inside some commercial complexes and promotional activities around the Kingdom which includes the Bahrain Bay area from 17 to 23 May.

Bahrain Tourism Authority affirmed that it has coordinated with Bahraini tourist establishments, including hotels, restaurants, cafes, entertainment destinations among others, to ensure that these facilities are well prepared to receive tourists again and that they adhere to all health precautionary measures to ensure an enjoyable and safe stay for tourists.

BTEA Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Nasser Ali Qaedi, expressed the Kingdom of Bahrain's pleasure to welcome the visitors of GCC countries once again to Bahrain, stressing that the Authority is adamant to provide excellent services according to the highest standards of comfort to tourists.

“The return of GCC tourists indicates the return of activity to the tourism sector as a whole in the Kingdom of Bahrain, strengthens confidence in the tourism sector, and paves the way for a new phase towards supporting the economic, hospitality, transport and all other sectors which will constitute a positive boost to the economic and investment sector.” Dr. Qaedi said.

Dr. Qaedi affirmed that BTEA continues its work to promote Bahrain's position as a preferred tourist destination in the region and to find appropriate methods that contribute to ensuring the sustainability of tourism activity while ensuring that the health and safety of visitors is a top priority.