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Prior to verbal communication, humankind relied on symbols and body  language, in which the hand was a fundamental source of communication and interaction, The hand has been a tool for creating things using surrounding natural elements, where human whereby able-making primitive things to help in daily life routine, and then evolved to innovate  handicrafts.

therefore here in Bahrain we are naturally known for what our forefathers manufactured by their hands, including l handicrafts and traditional industries.

The traditional crafts and industries are regarded as a product of the live interaction  processes between the local communities. Hence, these traditional crafts and industries are not only a manifestation of civilization, but tools for the expression of the society’s culture and authenticity, not to mention the significant role of promoting tourism, highlighting humanitarian legacy in the Kingdom Of Bahrain.

Today, it has become necessary to maintain the traditional crafts as an industry, and a sustainable wealth, Bahrain  operates in the framework of its ongoing quest to emphasize the civilized face of the country, the investment of human energies, and adaptation of all efforts to ensure the sustainability of this vital sector.

Since the types of crafts founded in any society are influenced by the factor of environment and raw elements, and the society's life style, the traditional industries that are famous in the Kingdom of Bahrain are directly related to the basic needs of individuals in their daily life, the Bahraini society is mainly based on agriculture, trade, and sea resources, as it derived from the surrounding environment and the rich wealth of nature, all of the tools and materials of primary-made, where the environment has played a significant role in identifying and crafts industries that were practiced by Bahraini artisans.

therefore, Bahraini artisan was able to achieve self-sufficiency in various handcrafts industries, and it was the nature of Bahrain's climate and geographical characteristics, that played an effective role in the prosperity of crafts professions, in addition to expansion of those industries locally and regionally, making the creation of handicrafts' markets, an inevitable result, in order to contain variety of industries under one roof.

Those markets have been called after the names of artisans, such as blacksmiths market, and the Altnakah market, the market, the goldsmith market, the gypsum market, Tawawish markets and other names, besides  other markets that have been held open yards, attracting visitors on certain days, those markets came to be known by the name of the day on which they are held, such as Wednesday market and Thursday market.

Despite its limited area  Each village or town in the island has become known for a particular crafts such as the textile industry in Bani Jamrah village, basket weaving in Karbabad village, pottery in Ali village and AlSaffah in  Jassrah village, while Manama and Muharraq cities are famous for vessel industry and related tools.