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Al Madeed

Almadeed (plural; singular is Almada) is considered to be

one of the indigenous agricultural industries practiced

by craftsmen. Almadeed was quite popular among the

community as the product was used in many homes,

mosques and cafes; furnished on the ground to cover the

wooden chairs.

The manufacturing process of Almadeed relies on a

plant called ‘Al Asal’, which is a type of plant that usually grows

near water, swamps or farms with widely dispersed water.

The manufacturer process uses a wooden machine called ‘Al

Haff’ that runs along holes interspersed with ropes and this

is how the machine controls the thickness of each product

‘Almada’. The machine – Al Haff – needs two individuals to

man it; the first a manufacturer and an assistant.

Each ‘Almada’ is known for solidity and durability

and its best used for the warmweather due to the small holes

embedded within the product.

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7/14/16 10:30 AM